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Saltimbocca "Valbella" with Pizokels

An original, country-style meal during the cold winter months


(for 4 portions)

For the schnitzel:
4 thin veal cutlets
8 slices of a Grisons speciality meat product
1 dessert spoon flour
1 dessert spoon oil
100 g fresh mushrooms
20 g butter
2 dl cream
Salt and pepper

For the Pizokels:
300 g flour
3 eggs
a little salt
40 g butter
approx. 2 dl diluted water (1/2 milk, 1/2 water)


(Preparation time: 15 minutes, recipe takes approx. 30 minutes)
  • For the pizokels, sieve flour into a bowl and mix together with a teaspoon of salt, the eggs and enough liquid to form a firm dough, then leave to stand for 30 minutes. Cut the pastry from a damp wooden board straight into boiling salt water (or use a spaetzli sieve). When the pizokels rise, ladle them out and keep them warm until the dough is used up. Garnish the warmed pizokels with flecks of butter.
  • Lay out the veal cutlets and place 2 slices of the Grisons speciality on each one. Roll them up and join up with thread or a cocktail stick. Season with salt and pepper, dip in the flour and fry both sides in the heated oil. Remove and keep warm.
  • Wash and finely slice the mushrooms. In the same frying pan, steam them in the schnitzel juices and the heated butter, pour cream on top and season with salt and pepper. Place on top of the saltimbocca and serve with the pizokels.